Dive #1 PARTYNEXTDOOR – Recognize (ft. Drake)

party 2

The Basics

Recognize is the third single of off Party’s studio album ‘PartyNextDoor Two’. The previous two being “Muse” and “Her Way”. The album was released on July 29, 2014. He’s currently singed under Drake’s record label ‘OVO Sound’. The two Canadian singer/rappers collaborated on this single which makes it the fifth time Party and Drizzy did a song together and it’s definitely the best one yet. Party himself produced this 5 minute long record which sets the tone for the album.

The feeling

This is a dark, mysterious, raw song with some great bars layed on top off it by Party and Drake. The theme I see with this song is a dark environment. For example a dark club, dark streets. The creators of the video had the same thoughts…

The Lyrics

The song is about how Party “recognizes” that both he and a female have options when it comes to who they go home with on a given night. However, Party just wants her tonight. The same counts for the female, but Party doesn’t care about the other men, the only one who matters is her. He’s at the club trying to leave with that one girl.

Notable lyrics:

“I gotta get you those snow tires for your Mercedes, I’m glad you reminded me baby
All of these things slip my mind it’s been crazy”

He says this because you never know when you’ll have to drive in the snow.

drake snow

In the second line Drizzy says his life is busy as hell, he can’t be expected to remember everything!
Note how “slip” refers back to the snow tires in the previous line: snow tires prevent slippage on roads in wintry weather.

The Beat

The song starts with a some synth notes that are a little bit detuned. After a short intro Party starts singing and the raw percussion, brass hits and claps come in, to let us know something big is ahead. The percussion gets more intense with hard knocking stabs. After that short build-up the percussion goes away and we can only hear Party, the bassline filtered percussion and claps (if you listen carefully), this is the “chill part”. The song explodes from being quiet and chill to very agressive with all the drums and instruments playing. In the hook we can hear distorted guitars striking on the background, they give a boost to Party’s singing.

Party sampled the classic reggae track titled “Request the Style” by Top Cat, check the sample here, from 0:05 to 0:13:

Ofcourse Party added some effects and did some cuts in it, in Recognize you hear it on 1:57.

The beat constantly switches from being very chill to very agressive which makes the words stronger and stand out more. On 2:40 Party starts rapping in a very rythmic way, this makes the song even more special than it already was. Another hook and then it’s time for Drake to walk in. Drizzy starts of with singing when the beat is quiet and chill but when the drums come in he starts rapping. Drake brings his finest bars (a la “0 To 100”) with him and when he’s done Party ends the song with another hook.

My score

I give ‘Recognize’ 8 out of 10. This is still one of my favorite songs at the moment. I’m looking forward to Party’s next project, in the meanwhile I’ll listen some more PARTYNEXTDOOR 1 and 2.



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